Clergy Catwalk Sees Vicars Model 'Cutting Edge' Designs in Church Fashion Show

(Photo: Screengrab)Clergy member Beth Allison models purple silk for Advent in a "Clergy Catwalk" fashion show at the Christian Resources Exhibition in Bristol, U.K., on Jan. 23, 2013.

A group of clergy members in the U. K. have recently held a catwalk fashion show to reveal new wardrobe designs in an attempt to appeal to a more "cutting edge" church crowd.

Five vicars took to the catwalk on Wednesday in a 30-minute fashion show as a part of the Christian Resources Exhibition (CRE) in Bristol, Great Britain.

The "models" showcased robes, religious jewelry and "leisure" garments ranging in price from $40 to over $1,330. The event was attended by 2,000 members of the clergy.

"The gear being modeled is by designers who specialize in clerical wear. Their companies are devoted to it," said Steve Goddard, public relations consultant for the exhibition, which also serves as a two-day exhibition for Christian resources, including books, wine, candles and teaching material.

"They design everything needed by members of the clergy, from clerical shirts and collars to archbishops' robes," Goddard told the Daily Mail.

"The items range from robes to leisure pieces to wear around the parish when you might want to look more discreet, such as blouses for ladies and shirts for men," he added.

The robes modeled at Wednesday's event each had different themes, as they are each made in a different color and are worn during a specific season of the liturgical calendar.

Among the robes modeled was one depicting Jesus Christ's resurrection, and another featuring a dove with "flames of Pentecost passing through its wings."

Additionally, vicars modeled a new "Serenity" line for women, which features fitted blouses described by Goddard, serving as the MC, as "stylish, smart, and comfortable to wear."

"We sell a wide range of clothing for every season. Our latest range, 'Serenity,' is for women and features cutting edge designs," said Adrian Cousins, area manager for Hayes and Fitch, a Liverpool-based clerical products company.

He told the Telegraph, "Each item is fitted and made to measure. It is in response to female clergy who have said they want something out of the ordinary."

In addition to the well-respected designs of Hayes and Fitch being showcased, Juliet Hemingray, another well-known creator of church textiles, also contributed to the fashions presented on the catwalk.

Watch a video of "Clergy Catwalk Vicar Fashion Show" below:

(Video: YouTube/jonmillsswns)
Vicars model the latest in clergy fashion at the 'Clergy Catwalk' fashion show in Bristol, U.K. on Jan. 23, 2013.