Cleveland Cavaliers Need to Add a Backup Center This Offseason

(Photo: Reuters/Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports)Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James rallies the Cleveland Cavaliers before the game against the Oklahoma City Thunder at Quicken Loans Arena, Jan. 29, 2017.

The Cleveland Cavaliers have one goal this season and that's to win another National Basketball Association (NBA) championship. They have already steamrolled their way into the Eastern Conference finals by beating the Indiana Pacers and the Toronto Raptors, and they did this without dropping a single game. Now, the Boston Celtics will have to find a way to stop them from marching into the finals.

It's been a smooth ride so far for the Cavaliers and they did just about everything right this postseason. However, they do have a hole on their roster. That's right, the Cavaliers are not invincible. They still need a reliable backup center in case something happens to Tristan Thompson. Of course, Thompson is extremely durable and he rarely misses games, but they know it's better to be ready.

The Cavaliers had Chris Andersen at the start of the season, but he suffered an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tear in December and that was the end of his season. Andrew Bogut could have been a nice insurance policy. Unfortunately, he suffered a leg injury before in his first game with the Cavaliers. They also tried to see if Larry Sanders could still play at a high level, but they decided to cut him and sign Walter Tavares before the playoffs.

Well, Tavares just broke his hand a few days ago and now they don't have a true center to back up Thompson. The absence of a backup center probably won't hurt the Cavaliers right now this deep in the playoffs, but they will have to add one this offseason.

Sure, Kevin Love and Channing Frye can play center, but what if they play teams with a dominant big man?

While most of the teams in the league prefer to play small-ball basketball right now, the Cavaliers still have to sign a center this summer so teams can't take advantage of their lack of depth at the center position. They really have to fill all the holes on the roster because they are supposed to be title contenders every season.