Clint Eastwood 82 Today, Not Celebrating

Clint Eastwood has turned 82-years-old Thursday and even though the legendary actor is not celebrating, he has received thousands of well-wishes from fans.

The "Million Dollar Baby" director never celebrates his birthday, according to his wife Dina Eastwood.

"Clint does not do holidays or gifts," said the star of E!'s new reality series "Mrs. Eastwood & Company."

"So if you don't give him a gift he gives you a big kiss and says, 'Thank you so much for not giving me a gift.'"

Eastwood's daughter Francesca added, "Fans send him gifts, we don't."

Instead, the 18-year old is giving her famous father "a phone call."

"'Hi, happy birthday,' and here's a pair of socks," said Eastwood, according to E! News.

The Oscar Award-winning actor will only occasionally feature on the show, and instead "Mrs. Eastwood & Company" will focus on Dina and Francesca as well as Eastwood's other daughter Morgan, 15. Eastwood has five other children in addition to Francesca and Morgan, but they are not expected to appear on the show.

The newfound reality television stars recently had their first bout of drama when Francesca received death threats over her "art" earlier this week.

Controversial photos of the teenager setting a $100,000 luxury hang bag on fire resulted in widespread viewer outrage.

"I struggle everyday to put food on the table, and raise my three kids on my own… to see people behave this way is disgusting," wrote a "guest" user on where the photos were posted.

"Spoiled rich kids," wrote Liz. "Never had to work for anything apparently."

The photography stunt appears to have been a promotion of the new reality television series, as Francesca instructs users to watch her show to see more.

"Check out MRS. EASTWOOD and COMPANY this SUNDAY and MONDAY NIGHT 10PM on E! Watch this bad get destroyed IT IS INSANE!" the website states.