Clinton Explains Why He Turned Down 'Dancing With the Stars'

Can former President Bill Clinton dance better than Metta World Peace? The world will never know since Clinton revealed Tuesday that he turned down an offer to appear in the thirteenth season of “Dancing With the Stars.”

Appearing on "Rachel Ray" Tuesday, ahead of the “Dancing With the Stars” elimination night, Clinton admitted to the host that he was offered to be a contestant on the dance series.

He said the initial offer “tickled him.”

However, the former president immediately turned down the offer due to the physical strain the show places on the body.

Clinton told Ray, “'I told them I didn't have the time to train for it. You know you actually go out there and you train, you really work at it. So I had to pass. But I think it's a hoot.”

The “Dancing With the Stars” results were in last night with Ron Artest, also known as Metta World Peace, to go home.

If Bill Clinton joined this season’s show, he would not be the first politician to put on his dancing shoes. Former House Majority Leader Tom Delay joined the series in the ninth season before bowing out due to a leg injury, but a coup from a President would be the highest profile for the show.

If Clinton joined the series, he would already have one family member fully in his court. His mother-in-law is a huge fan of the show. Clinton continued “I have a 92-year-old mother-in-law who watches it religiously and she knows much more about popular culture than Hillary and I do,” adding “She thinks I would be really cool if I made it, but I had to pass.”

Bill Clinton insists that just because he didn’t go on the show, it doesn’t mean that dancing is out of his sights.

“Just last night, Hillary said to me ‘You know, when I'm not Secretary of State anymore, we should go take dancing lessons,’" he said. “So we'll start with the tango.”