CNN Snags First Post-Baby Interview With Prince William

CNN and ITV have confirmed that they will have the first interview with Prince William since the birth of his son, Prince George. The special will air next week, and William will talk about his experience with fatherhood and plans for the future.

According to reports, the Prince worked out a deal with the networks, which will air a special feature about William's "passion for Africa and his dream to save the world's most endangered species." Part of the interview will feature William describing his passion for the country and his hope that one day George will be able to visit and "experience" the country in a way that he did.

Princess Diana and Prince Charles often took William and Harry on excursions in order to let them experience new places, cultures, and traditions. From the sounds of it, William intends to do the same for his son, and any other future children. The new dad has already said he hopes to take George on a tour of Australia next year, which would be reminiscent of his first overseas excursion when he was a newborn.

Everyone is eager to hear from Prince William these days, given the birth of his son. The royal dad gave a speech in Wales earlier this week in which he called baby George "loud but very good looking." That, of course, delighted those in attendance. William and Kate are planning to release home photos of George soon instead of going the traditional route and having official portraits taken.

Big changes are in store for the new royal family, as they prepare to move to Kensington Palace. Kate and William previously resided in a small cottage in Anglesey and then moved to Bucklebury with Kate's parents after George was born. Once William officially leaves the Royal Air Force next month, the family will move to the same palace where he grew up.

Prince William's interview will air on CNN's "New Day" Monday, August 19th, at 8:00 a.m. EST. The one-hour special, "Prince William's Passion: New Father, New Hope," will air on CNN on Sunday, September 15th.