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CNN's Anderson Cooper Rips Pastor's Op-Ed in The Christian Post on the 'Gay Agenda' Behind Growth in Gay Characters on TV

CNN's Anderson Cooper Rips Pastor's Op-Ed in The Christian Post on the 'Gay Agenda' Behind Growth in Gay Characters on TV

Journalist Anderson Cooper arrives at the 2012 Vanity Fair Oscar party in West Hollywood, California. | (Photo: Reuters)

CNN anchor Anderson Cooper joined talk show host Ellen Degeneres this week in a growing chorus of gay advocates who've taken umbrage to a recent op-ed on the gay agenda by cultural commentator and pastor Larry Tomczak published in The Christian Post.

"I've never actually been to the secret meeting where the gays plot their agenda, though I imagine the catering is quite amazing. But thanks to someone named Larry Tomczak my eyes have been opened. Larry says there's an avalanche sweeping across our society today. It's not a trickle, it's a tsunami," began Cooper in his takedown of Tomczak's piece on a segment of his show on CNN called The Ridiculist.

"The indoctrination and propaganda coming from those advocating a gay lifestyle in our country, classrooms and culture are increasing. All of us need to take note and take action to guard those we love," Cooper highlighted from Tomczak's op-ed.

"I don't know what a gay lifestyle is, just like I don't know what a straight lifestyle is," Cooper continued. "Seems like all the gay people I know, just like all the straight people I know, live all different kinds of lives. I know gay police officers and doctors, gay marines and ministers, even a couple gay TV news anchors, believe it or not. And all the ones I know just want to be able to live their lives with the same kinds of rights and responsibilities as everyone else."

Tomczak's piece targets Cooper for boasting about his sexuality on TV.

"Anderson Cooper boasts openly on TV he'd rather 'have sex' with a man plus co-hosts New Year's Eve festivities nationwide," he wrote.

Cooper played the segment from Ellen DeGeneres' show addressing the accusation and reacts sarcastically: "That's right, I'm in there as well, me and my constant boasting."

He then mocks Tomczak's recommendation that parents turn off the TV to avoid gay images and show children more wholesome shows like "I Love Lucy" and "Leave it to Beaver."

"I agree with Larry. I grew up watching 'I Love Lucy' and I'm as straight as they come. As for the Beav' I never tuned into that. It never sparked my interest for some reason. I don't know why. Anyway, those were the good old days when gay people could be arrested for going to a bar, fired from their jobs … and live life largely in the shadows. Good times," he quipped.

Cooper suggests that Tomczak might also like the new TLC program "My Husband's Not Gay" before concluding: "The point is, gay people are a lot more visible today. And while that makes Larry very uncomfortable, so much so that as Ellen points out he spends a lot of time watching and thinking about gay people, I'm not sure turning back the clock or the TV dials is the solution. But look Larry, when you're up late at night thinking about what gay people are doing, then I think you can always find a rerun to watch somewhere on the Ridiculist."

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