'Code Vein' News: Additional Details About the Gift and Focus Systems Revealed

Players will be able to use up to eight Gifts during battles
Bandai Namco'Code Vein' is expected to be released next year

Fights inside "Code Vein" are not expected to be easy. Players are going to need to properly utilize the tools and systems made available to them if they are going to live to fight another day. And recently, developers have revealed more about these.

First off, developers have provided more details about the upcoming game's Gift System.

Previously, it was revealed that Gifts were elements of the game "powered by enemy blood." These Gifts could be very helpful as they could be used to boost a player's strength or weaken a foe. They might even be utilized to unlock different abilities and attacks.

More recently, developers shared that players would be allowed to use up to eight different Gifts while going through fights.

Players should also know that not all of the Gifts in the game are of the active variety. Some Gifts are classified as passive, so their effects may be felt as soon as battles get underway.

Also, there are apparently some pieces of equipment that provide Gifts.

Once "Code Vein" players get the hang of the Gifts, they can then turn their attention to other important gameplay elements such as the Focus System.

The Focus System can provide boosts that are quite similar to the ones offered by some of the Gifts in the game. Players can receive a power boost from the Focus System, though there are certain conditions that need to be met.

Essentially, the Focus System is something that comes into play whenever the player is in danger. This will likely be used a lot by players, though they may be better served to avoid relying on this feature too much.

Interested gamers should be able to hear more about "Code Vein's" systems soon, and the game itself is due out for the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One next year.