Coke Dropping White Cans After Complaints

Coca-Cola Co. is pulling its recent, white holiday cans off the shelves and returning to the iconic red cans due to complaints and confusion with the new promotion.

According to reports, consumers have been confusing the new regular Coke cans for the diet ones, and some are even claiming that the soft drink tastes different in the white cans, though the company denies changing the formula.

"I purchased three six-packs because I thought they were diet," Gail O’Donnell of Danvers, Mass. told ABC News in an email. "I drank one and wondered why it tasted so good. I didn’t look at the can. … I am a diabetic and can only drink diet sodas. … They need to make it so it is not confused."

Some people took to Twitter to poke fun at the promotional backtrack.

"Certain things confuse you and make you realize the limits of your intelligence," tweeted Marshall Ramsey. "For me, it's white Coke cans."

"Coke is pulling their white holiday cans because people couldn't wrap their heads around the change," tweeted Tim McGinnis. "I have no words."

Michael S. wrote, "Folks, you really are stupid if you can't figure out that a white #CocaCola Polar Bear can is not #DietCoke. #fail."

Coca-Cola is known for releasing new can designs for the holidays, but has always kept its signature red background with the white logo. However, this year the company decided to release the white cans featuring polar bears as part of a campaign called "Arctic Home" to highlight the threat global warming is posing to the species. The cans ask consumers to text a dollar donation to the World Wildlife Fund with the company promising to match donations up to $1 million.

Coca-Cola will begin releasing new, red "Arctic Home" cans in early December while the limited-edition white cans will remain on the shelves while supplies last.