College World Series Misspelling Goes Viral: 'Colllege' Goes Unnoticed by NCAA Officials (PHOTO)

A College World Series misspelling has gone viral after officials failed to notice an obvious mistake before printing a large banner Saturday. The word "college" on the huge banner contained an extra 'L,' spelling "colllege" instead.

The College World Series misspelling was spotted during the opening round at the TD Ameritrade Park in Omaha, Nebraska. Although the two teams playing were baseball teams of Mississippi State and Oregon State, what many of the crowd noticed first was the large misspelled word on the blue and white banner of the CWS.

"Check out the spelling of COLLEGE on this massive dugout sign. 'Great googly moogly,'" Howie Lindsey of the Louisville SportsReport first tweeted regarding the glaring mistake.

Howie Lindsey/TwitterThe College World Series banner was misspelled in a game Saturday, June 15, 2013 in Omaha, Nebraska.

Most of us are going to go pro in something other than sports… Like sign painting," he continued. The banner was showcased over one of the dugouts, and soon others at the game began noticing as well.

"No spellcheck at the NCAA? RT @mafelish The third base dugout says Colllege World Series… Ooooops," posted user JP Kirby along with a picture of the misspelling.

This isn't the first time sports misspellings have been a source of laughs for audiences and players alike. During the 2012 NCAA Basketball Championship Tournament, telecasters accidentally spelled Atlanta wrong— "Alanta" was advertised as the location for next year's tournament.

In another blunder, new Minnesota Twins pitcher Jeff Manship came in to pitch against the Kansas City Royals in June of 2012. However, when the pro baseball player jogged onto the field, both teammates and the crowd could see that his jersey was misspelled— his name read "Mansihp" instead, and even he hadn't noticed when he put the jersey on.