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Colton Haynes Leaving CW Drama 'Arrow', No Sidekick

Colton Haynes Leaving CW Drama 'Arrow', No Sidekick

Colton Haynes has just departed his co-starring role in CW's "Arrow," leaving the titular character without a sidekick.

Fans of the superhero crime fighting CW television series, "Arrow" may have to get used to the absence of Roy Harper from the show, as Colton Haynes will be making his departure from Starling City after his contract with the show ended after season three.

(Photo : REUTERS/Gus Ruelas) Actor and model Colton Haynes arrives at the 2014 Elton John AIDS Foundation Oscar Party in West Hollywood, California March 2, 2014. | Reuters/File

Last week, the man known as Arsenal staged his own death while in prison, made his escape, and eventually his exit from Team Arrow, as well.

Hayne's two year deal as an "Arrow" regular is at an end, but he will still be involved in the "Arrow-Flash" universe. He has one more appearance in an episode this season, and he is currently in talks for a possible stint on "Flash," and the currently developing "Arrow-Flash" spinoff.

Haynes, who was fresh from his stint as Jason Whittemore in Teen Wolf, took on the role as Green Arrow's sidekick for a two-season contract, and his season three swan song has seen Roy Harper struggling with guilt for having killed a policeman.

One of the show's producers Marc Guggenheim told Deadline they had already written season three's story arc with an end point to Roy Harper's existence in the series, without actually killing him off.

Haynes won't be gone for good, however. Apart from one more episode this season, audiences may expect him to appear in Warner Bros' other television shows.

According to producer, Greg Berlanti, both Haynes and the show executives have already signified their willingness to a comeback on the show at any point in the series.

In January, "Arrow" was been renewed for season four, but whether Haynes will appear in any of the 23 episodes has yet to be announced.


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