Company Offers Faith-Based Movies for Fundraising, Teaching

A newly-launched company is offering faith-based and family friendly movies to churches and ministries looking for a creative way to fundraise.

Christian Cinema Network (CCN) is allowing churches to host high quality, uplifting films in their own towns from their growing movie library to serve as teaching tools, complete with discussion materials.

"The films are highly entertaining and offer wonderful life lessons," explained Marianne P. Wilson, president of CCN, in a statement. "CCN's goal is to help promote family friendly, inspiring and meaningful films while giving churches and ministries quality entertainment that can be used as fundraising opportunities, teaching tools and community building events."

The company began as a way for churches to help build up their own community as well as draw in new people through entertainment. The films provide lessons for both adults and youth, and the company creators hope that these films can be a valuable, untapped resource for ministry leaders.

"These films are often overlooked by traditional means of distribution," added Wilson. "However, churches can now support Christianity in cinema through this new distribution system that empowers like-minded people to share in faith and family based films thus making a positive difference in lives."

For groups that are interested in hosting a movie, there is no fee for showing the films in the CCN database. Those that have screenings do share a percentage of the screening revenue with CCN, however.

Currently, the company's website has only one movie in its collection since it is starting up. The film, Believe in Me, tells the true story of a 1960s girls' basketball team in Oklahoma that was lifted from the worst to state champions.

"This is an underdog story of triumph, friendship and love," explained promoters in a statement. "It is a film that proves that the impossible can be achieved if you believe, and is as relevant today as it was forty years ago when the true story took place."

CCN organizers are also looking for new inspirational films to add to their collection. Interested participants can submit films to the company, which will choose whether or not to add the flick.

The group has also explained that using CCN will be a great way to support Christianity in cinema, which more recently has been finding a footing in the mainstream industry.

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