Condoleezza Rice Calls Gaddafi Crush 'Creepy'

Months after rebels stormed the Gaddafi compound in Tripoli and found an album stock full of photos of former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, the former official has come out to discuss the slain leader’s “creepy” infatuation with her.

Rice is promoting her new book, No Higher Honor: A Memoir of My Years in Washington, in which she describes her eight years in the White House as a National Security Advisor and Secretary of State in the former George W. Bush administration.

In the book, Rice also recounts her contact with former Libyan leader Moammar Gaddafi, something that captured world headlines this past August when rebel fighters captured Tripoli and discovered Gaddafi’s fixation.

Rice writes that on a diplomatic visit to Libya the slain leader played a video montage for her that included “innocent” photos of Ms. Rice with world leaders set to a song specially composed for her entitled, “Black Flower in the White House.”

Rice told CNN’s Piers Morgan, “I had actually known that he had this fixation on me, a couple of foreign minister friends had told me and also a couple of my staff.”

Rice said, “I have to say I did have that terrible moment when he said he had the video tape, I am just glad that it all came out alright.”

Although Gaddafi had a clear infatuation with Ms. Rice, she told Morgan that Gaddafi never made a move on her but called the video “weird and a bit creepy” and admitted she was glad that the video was not raunchy.

Back in 2007 Gaddafi told the news agency Al Jazeera of Rice, “I support my darling black African woman. I admire and am very proud of the way she leans back and gives orders to Arab leaders,” adding, “Leezza, Leezza, Leezza … I love her very much.”

During Rice's official visit to the country it was said that Gaddafi had showered her with gifts including a diamond ring, a lute, and a locket engraved with the his own image.