Conrad Murray 'Dying' in Jail, Suspects Brain Tumor

Conrad Robert Murray, the doctor convicted in the death of Michael Jackson, has told his attorney that he is dying in a Los Angeles County Jail and has requested being transferred to a federal prison.

Murray, 58, was sentenced to four years in county jail after being convicted of involuntary manslaughter in November and now wishes to fulfill his sentence in prison as a result of his alleged ailing health, according to

"I may not make it out of here alive. This is a very dangerous place. I'm in here dying. The system is intent on killing me," Murray reportedly told his attorney, Valerie Wass.

Murray is reportedly given fresh air once a month and clean underwear once a week and as a result of his deprivations his hair, nails, and skin are all deteriorating.

He has also reportedly been suffering from a constant headache over the last few weeks and is concerned that it may be a brain tumor. Although he has allegedly asked for medical assistance, he claims that he has not received any help.

Judge Michael Pastor, who handled Murray's trial, refused to give him probation after a jury found him guilty in Jackson's untimely death and instead ordered the maximum sentence under the law.

Pastor explained his decision saying that Jackson, Murray's former patient, "died because of a totality of circumstances which are directly attributable to Dr. Murray," CNN reported.

Pastor also referred to interviews that Murray did during the trial.

"In each of these interviews, the defendant has very clearly stated that he bears no responsibility for Michael Jackson's death," said Judge Pastor.

Jackson died at his Los Angeles home on June 25, 2009 after receiving a fatal dose of Propofol.

Prosecutors argued that Murray recklessly injected Michael Jackson with the final dose of Propofol and ultimately killed the father of three, who claimed he needed the drug to help him sleep.

Murray had denied the allegations and his defense team counter-argued that it was actually Jackson who injected himself with the lethal dose that resulted in his death. Murray even painted Jackson as an addict.