Conrad Murray Trial Verdict: Documentary About Doctor's Intimate Relationship With Michael Jackson Revealed

A documentary about the details surrounding the relationship between Michael Jackson and Dr. Conrad Murray will air on major broadcasting networks.

“Michael Jackson and The Doctor: A fatal Friendship” was created during the time leading up to Murray’s involuntary manslaughter trial. It shows the former doctor preparing for his court appearance, including what TMZ describes as “intense” conversations with his lawyers.

Murray, who agreed to take part in the project in 2009, also revealed “intimate” information concerning Jackson which is “not flattering” to the late singer, TMZ reported.

In one clip obtained from the online news source, Murray speaks about personal hygienic issues that Jackson had. A specific issue was Jackson’s painful calluses that developed because of never receiving pedicures but continuing to dance.

"There were some things that he needed. Personal hygienic changes, he never had a manicure all (his) life, never had a pedicure,” said Murray. “Walking around with painful feet, as a dancer (he had) unbelievable calluses, so I brought the appropriate specialists.”

Murray said his act to improve Jackson’s hygiene ultimately helped the now-deceased performer.

“Dancing without pain for the first time it was amazing,” Murray said.

The doctor also described his relationship with Jackson in the documentary.

"I took care of himself and his three children,” Murray said. “We developed a relationship from that time on."

However, Murray said he did not enjoy staying on the property because of the attention received by being with Jackson.

“I didn't really enjoy his property. Paparazzi was around, fans were here looking at the property and we escaped many a time in this said vehicle,” Murray said while filming in an automobile.

“He would climb into the back seat and lay low. He liked those risks. I think he kind of cheered it on,” Murray added.

The rights to the film were pre-sold to “major broadcasters around the world,” according to TMZ. The company Zodiac Rights will reportedly distribute it.