Contest Challenges Youth to Make Biblical Reality Flicks

Church youth groups from around the United States will have the opportunity to make figures like David, Saul, or Elijah into reality TV stars with a film competition that is now running.

Through the "Bible Is-Reel Competition" – part of the "As It Was" DVD series which reveals Scripture in eye-witness interview format - children and teens alongside their youth pastors will create reality-style TV productions to explain past biblical events and introduce historical figures in a creative way. The winner of the competition will receive a ten-day trip to the Holy Land via Israel Xtreme.

The competition is unique, allowing younger generations to learn and explore the Bible while at the same time have a first-hand experience with their scriptural stories.

"The 'Bible Is-Reel' competition is an incredible opportunity for youth pastors to work with teens to bring the Bible to life by having them research, write, cast, direct and edit videos that tell us how they think it was in Bible times," says Dana Simons, ZRG Director of Church and Ministry Programs, in a news release. "'As It Was' employs a riveting eyewitness interview technique of filming and acting to relate Bible stories in an accurate, passionate and intriguing method that entertains, educates and inspires further study of the Old Testament."

According to ZRG productions, which produces the "As It Was" DVDs, more than 20,000 youth workers from over 100 cities are encouraged to work on the project.

Each contestant in the competition begins by searching for their own character by looking through the Bible. They then have to create a G-rated production no longer than 10 minutes telling the story of that character according to guidelines inside a provided Director Kit.

Participants must also upload a 1-3 minute preview onto, a new Christian video-sharing web site, where people can watch their trailer.

"This 'hands-on' media experience will allow each group member to share their unique talents with each other and with youth across the nation and the world," noted the contest's news release.

Following the due date, contest heads will judge the creations and distribute "Golden Shofar" awards in several different categories. The winner of "Best Picture" will be given 10 fully-paid tour fares for the trip to Israel, where the kids will be exposed to different people and cultures.

Submissions for the contest are currently being accepted and the deadline for the videos is June 7.

On the web: information materials, competition guidelines, and release forms at