Controversial Author to Sue Streaming Faith for Dropping Show

Internet talk show host Reuben Armstrong announced he will file a multi-million dollar lawsuit against a faith-based broadcast portal for dropping his show over a controversial book he authored., used by churches to broadcast their programs online, removed Armstrong's show earlier this month from the website because the talk show host "slandered a few of our beloved partners," Armstrong quoted Streaming Faith managers as saying.

Armstrong's self-published Snakes in the Pulpit blasts four prominent megachurch pastors who preach what critics call the "prosperity gospel," alleging that they are "false prophets."

"These four pastors – Bishop T.D. Jakes, Joel Osteen, Eddie Long and Creflo Dollar –are twisting scriptures and taking them out of context for fame and fortune and they will be exposed," he said in a statement.

Criticism against the preachers over their prosperity messages is nothing new. Long, who recently celebrated the 20th anniversary of his Atlanta church, New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that he was unfazed by critics as he pointed to the many charity works and large amounts of monetary funds his church has provided.

"I don't entertain those [criticisms]," he said. "Our record speaks for itself."

Meanwhile, the Texas-based talk show host argued a breach of contract, saying, "Streaming Faith had no reasons to dump my show because of a book that exposes these so-called men of God. The contract clearly states that either party must give a 90-day written cancellation notice, and Streaming Faith failed to abide by their own contact."

He further argued that it is also a case of racial discrimination.

Armstrong has delayed the release of his controversial book from Aug. 29 to Sept. 18 due to the conflict with Streaming Faith.