Controversy Boils Over Free Morning-Aftter Pill in United Kingdom, Accessible to Children

A British abortion provider is encouraging women to use free morning-after pills if the need arises during the festive season.

Critics wee left outraged after it was revealed that the British Pregnancy Advisory Service launched what critics have perceived as an irresponsible marketing campaign.

BPAS is targeting women who engage in unsafe sex practices but wish to avoid pregnancy.

To access the pills, women can simply contact the organization via phone or Internet before the morning-after pill is mailed out free of charge.

While there are certain requirements that need to be met, parents cannot be guaranteed that their children will not have access to the pills.

Even though the pills are supposed to be supplied to women ages 16 and up, BPAS confirms those under 16 could still gain access by concealing their age.

"Women will be asked to put their date of birth on the form. We are aware that some people will not be completely honest about their age,” said a BPAS spokesperson.

The pill is taken up to 72 hours after unprotected sex, and is designed to stop immediate conception, leaving the user pregnancy free.

Known as Plan B One Step in the Unites States, the pill can cause infertility and even lead to death in extreme situations.

There have been on-going debates regarding the correct term for the pill, with critics often referring to it as the abortion pill.

The real abortion pill, however, also known as Mifeprex, is taken only when a woman is already pregnant during early stages.

While sources suggest BPAS is trying to help reduce Britain's abortion rates, critics have accused the organization of exploiting impressionable women.