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Convoy of Hope: Next Stop Sioux City, Iowa, to Give Away $1 Million in Food, Services

Convoy of Hope: Next Stop Sioux City, Iowa, to Give Away $1 Million in Food, Services

Convoy of Hope, a faith-based organization known for its food relief work in times of disasters, continues on its national community outreach tour with a stop on Saturday in Sioux City, Iowa, giving away $1 million in food, giveaways, and services.

Like several of the Convoy of Hope events that have already taken place this year, the free community outreach will feature services including haircuts, dental check-ups, health services, workforce development services, and kids' carnival.

"Convoy of Hope leaders in Sioux City are super-excited about bringing a poverty-free day to that community," said Rick Zorehkey, a special assistant to one of the organization's co-founders.

Convoy of Hope officials say that each year in the United States the organization holds up to 50 community events with the help of thousands of volunteers who serve tens of thousands of guests. At each event free groceries, job and health fairs, and activities for children are provided.

"In doing so, volunteers are given an opportunity to connect with members of their community, and guests are shown love and respect regardless of age, race, physical appearance, or spiritual condition," Convoy of Hope states.

"What we have found is that those who help out at these community events today are the volunteers of tomorrow," Zorehkey told The Christian Post.

The organization states that it takes pride in its "guest of honor principle." Every aspect of the outreaches are based on this principle, according to Convoy of Hope. "During an outreach all areas of service demonstrate this principle. We unconditionally love and accept each guest without regard to age, race, physical appearance, or spiritual condition."

"Our goal at every outreach is to let every recipient know he or she is valued and respected," Zorehkey said.

More than 1,000 local community volunteers in the Sioux City area are expected to "share hope and tangible help" with more than 5,000 anticipated neighbors, organizers said.

Convoy of Hope is also working with the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) at the outreach. NBCF will provide education, support and early detection services to underserved women in the community.

The event on Saturday is scheduled to take place at the Tyson Event Center beginning at 10 a.m. (Rain or Shine).

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