Cop Fired 8 Times, Still Loves Being a Police Officer

A police officer with the Opa-Locka Police Department in Florida is making the case that he did not violate police procedure when he left an assault rifle with a friend while he was on sick leave.

This is not your usual case, however, as the police department is seeking the termination of Sgt. German Bosque for the sixth time after he left a city-owned AR-15 assault rifle with the father of his fiancé.

Bosque is "the most disciplined, fined, fired, arrested police officer in the state," as reported by WFOR in Miami. He has been fired eight times by three departments throughout the state of Florida, and the previous five times that the Opa-Locka police department has tried to terminate Bosque have been unsuccessful.

Over the years, he has faced allegations including "busting the skull" of a detained suspect, assaulting juveniles, possessing controlled substances in his patrol car, falsifying police reports, conducting an unauthorized car chase that resulted in the death of four people and calling out sick while out of the country.

But the union-provided attorney maintains his client did not do anything wrong because he has never been convicted. The gun in this case was in a locked case and the man whom he entrusted the weapon to was a trained and licensed security guard.

"It's allegations. Allegations are not convictions," Bosque's attorney, Andrew Axelrad, said in a statement. "Anyone can legally purchase this weapon."

Bosque has maintained that he loves serving the police force and helping people in the local community.

"I love serving the community. I love what I do for a living and I'm very proud," Bosque said Wednesday.

But he may not be able to avoid termination this time because Bosque signed an agreement with the city of Opa-Locka which stated that should he receive one more reprimand for conduct, he would be terminated.

The arbitrator in the case said a decision should be made in 60 to 90 days.