'Copperhead' Good for Family Viewing on Fourth of July (VIDEO)

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(Photo: Courtesy Brainstorm Media)"Copperhead"

"Copperhead" is the latest film from Ronald F. Maxwell and focuses on life during the Civil War and the story of one man who dared to stand against participating in the war.

The film stars Billy Campbell as Abner Beech, a religious man whose convictions lead him to oppose fighting in the Civil War. He's known throughout New York as a "copperhead," the name given to one who opposes the war. Of course, being such a strong advocate against the war causes a great divide among the small town he lives in as well as the church Abner and his family attends.

Peter Fonda plays Abner's friend Avery, who is adamant about freeing the slaves. Even though he has different ideas than Abner, his presence lends an important voice to the film and community.

Preacher Taggart leads the church Abner and the community attends, and he makes his political views well known during his Sunday sermon. He paints the Southern leaders as the great beast spoken of in the Bible, much to the discomfort of Abner, who does not want politics and religion mixed.

"Blessed are the peacemakers … Is that still in the Bible?" Abner questions before walking out of the church in the middle of the sermon.

This leads to a greater conflict among the community, one based on real-life events captured by author Harold Frederic. He lived through the times and wrote of his experience in the novel "The Copperhead," from which the film is based.

"All of these men are trying to do the right thing as influenced by the Bible and their teachings, so it's up to the viewer to judge who is right or wrong … if there has to be a right or wrong belief," Maxwell told The Christian Post.

"Copperhead" is a part historical fiction, part romance, religious film that will certainly spark conversation among viewers. It would be a wonderful movie to watch with the family this coming Fourth of July holiday.

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