Coptic MPs Urged to Quit in Protest Over St. Marks Cathedral Attacks

Attacks Show 'Persecution of Copts is Imminent'

The Egyptian Center for Development Studies (ECDS) has called for Coptic Members of Parliament in the Shura Council to resign in protest against the siege of St. Mark's Cathedral.

The center also called for "holding President Mohamed Morsi accountable for failing to protect his people," referring to "the failure of the state to protect its citizens and places of worship, especially the cathedral, which is seen a symbol by the Orthodox Copts in Egypt and all over the world."

The center also demanded that the interior minister, Mohamed Ibrahim, be fired and have charges levied against him "for failing to address the events of the cathedral."

The statement likened the cathedral events to the bombings of the Two Saints Church in Alexandria in terms of "presidential stupidity in dealing with it," as put by the statement,

The ECDS also predicted that the investigation into the events of the cathedral will end with a similar vicious cycle reached in the issue of Alexandria's church.

The statement deemed violence against Copts in the cathedral is "irrefutable evidence that the declared persecution of Copts is imminent."