Corpus Christi Explosion: Massive Blast Injures Three, Causes Extensive Damage (VIDEO, PHOTO)

A Corpus Christi explosion has injured three people and caused extensive damage after a huge blast from a local residence.

A Corpus Christi explosion has injured three.

The massive explosion, which took place early on Friday morning, caused damage to buildings three blocks away.

A house on Holmes Drive exploded and burst into flames just before 5.30 a.m. local time. Firefighters arrived at the scene soon after to find a large fire and the roof completely blown off the building.

Corpus Christi Fire Chief Andy Cardiel has said the cause of the blast has not yet been determined but that investigators are looking into the cause. They have made calls to the gas department to try and determine whether there was any known gas leak at the time.

Utility workers also were called and moved in to cut off the gas supply to the home so firefighters could tackle the fire.

Fire crews also reportedly opened up two transformers as they fought the blaze, which left 20 homes in the area without power.

Andy Heines, AEP Texas spokesman has said, "As a safety precaution power in that area is off as the fire department investigates the source of the explosion. As of 11:30 a.m. we've been told because of the investigation, power to those homes may not be restored until Saturday or Sunday."

"It's going to be way too early to determine what a cause is at this point," Cardiel noted.

Locals who felt the blast house away have described how they ran out into the street following the explosion to see the house already on fire and destroyed.

"The house had exploded. All the walls were down. The roof was already on the ground," said Mike Obenhaus, who was at a restaurant nearby when the explosion occurred. "We saved a little boy, a little girl, a mom and dad. Then the adjacent house started catching fire."

Reports have claimed that at least three people were injured in the blast, two of whom were injured critically. All three are believed to have been inside the house when it exploded.

Here is a video news report into the Corpus Christi explosion: