Corrupt Apple Store Employees Reveal Outrageous Behavior on the Job

Since a story ran that disclosed the "most corrupt Apple Store in America," there have been countless reports of former Apple employees coming forward and telling secrets Apple does not want you to hear.

The new developments were detailed in a story published on Dec. 20, by which detailed a poorly managed store in Texas, but since then, reports of inappropriate behavior in Apple Stores across the country are coming to light.

Former Apple Store employees from around the nation are coming forward and telling of outrageous behavior that goes on when customers are not in sight and sometimes after they dropped off their Apple devices to have them serviced.

"I remember we had a playmate (Is that what they're called?) like one of those college girls who isn't famous but she's naked nonetheless. She brought her computer in and I definitely remember a lot of the guys were going through her pics," one source told

There are also several reports of Apple workers revealing that they stole bonuses, used false transactions to get free iPhones and traded Apple merchandise for alcohol and even plastic surgery.

"Whenever any apple branded items are returned (as long as they aren't serialized like ipods/computers/ipads and such) they get thrown in a box called scrap which basically goes back to apple recycling ... and people constantly took things out of there," another source revealed to

The first time allegations of bad Apple workers came about in Texas was over the summer, when a former worker revealed the seedy happenings going on at the store.

One of the Apple employees from the store in Texas revealed that when customers brought in their devices to be fixed or replaced their personal files were looked through and in some cases duplicated.

"The first thing we'd do is ask for a passcode and say we were going to open it in the back," one Apple Store employee wrote to