Corvette Returned After 33 Years: Stolen Classic Found 1,000 Miles Away

A 1979 Corvette.

A Corvette was returned after 33 years to its stunned owner in Michigan, according to reports. George Talley, 71, had his 1979 coupe stolen after owning it for only two years, and he never thought he'd see it again— until Friday.

The Corvette that was returned after 33 years was located in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, about 1,000 miles where it was initially stolen from in Detroit, Michigan in 1981. Authorities had been investigating occurrences of fake VIN numbers, and they managed to find Talley and let him know.

Michigan state police called Talley and let him know that the 1979 silver-gray Chevy C3 Corvette now had 47,000 miles, but still runs in good condition.

"I said, 'This isn't no joke. They wouldn't be joking with me because I don't think they have time to play with me,'" Talley told The Detroit Free Press of the phone call. "I was shocked."

The retiree had two choices: he could go pick it up from the Hattiesburg police station or have it shipped up. Both options would be expensive, though.

"I woke up this morning. I said, 'I've got to get on the phone and find a trucker or somebody to bring it back'— or go get it or something," Talley explained.

When he told his story on WJR's "Paul W. Smith Show" on Wednesday, he got another surprise— Mark Reuss, the head of global product development for GM, decided to help him out and ship the car back for free. Reuss is a big fan of the Corvette, and Talley used to work for the Milford Proving Grounds, which is under GM.

"I listened to you this morning," Reuss explained. "We just had to do something."

"I was worried," the 71-year-old admitted.

"Well, nothing to worry about now," Reuss replied. "The Corvette is on its way safe and sound."