Cory Booker Hosts Sandy Victims in His Home

Cory Booker offered Sandy victims his very own home Thursday, opening the doors to some neighbors who still hadn't had power restored days after the super storm. The Newark, New Jersey mayor has been tweeting non-stop since the storm hit, doing his best to inform constituents of progress in the recovery.

Cory Booker tweeted Sandy victims of N.J. his usual updates Thursday, addressing concerns about the loss of power, the lack of gas at gas stations around the city, and more. His stream of social media messages led to a dialogue between the mayor and a neighbor.

"I live around the corner from u on homestead. Why don't we have our power back. Half of block does," one user, @my_serenelove, tweeted to the mayor. Despite the mayor's over a million followers, he managed to respond relatively quickly with "I don't know exactly."

However, because of the user's close proximity, Booker was able to invite her, and others, over to his home, where he had light and heat.

"There is someone at my house now (Eric). I've got space u can relax in, charge devices & even a working DVD player. Come by @my_serenelove," the mayor tweeted back.

Soon, she was there, as were 12 others who needed to get out of the cold.

"At @CoryBooker house. Charging everything up. Thx," the Twitter user posted. But the mayor wasn't done there; he went one step further and fed his temporary visitors.

"I'm having lunch delivered for the 12 or so of you hanging at my place," he tweeted to another user, @uniquenj1. She later posted a picture of the food- a hefty meal for weary and storm-worn Newark residents.

Booker had invited her and other hurricane victims to an apartment house he rented in the South Ward of the city, he later explained.

"I have a completed space on the first floor that I did up a while ago. It is where my parents stay when they visit. My neighbors from Homestead Court have no power … this is a time of crisis and I'm glad they could use the space," the mayor told