'Halo 3' and 'Halo 6' To Be Released for the PC? What to Expect

Rumors hinting that an 'Anniversary' edition of 'Halo 3' could be released
Halo WaypointRumors are hinting that a special version of 'Halo 3' could be released for the PC

Two "Halo" games may soon find a new home, with one of them possibly being an updated version of an older title, while the other could end up being an entirely new entry in the franchise.

Beginning with the older title that could be released again, there was an AMD event held recently in South Korea that was all about R5 central processing units, or at least that was the intent.

During that event, a video shown by AMD contained something noteworthy, with that being a piece of artwork coming from "Halo 3," DSO Gaming reported.

It is hard to come up with a reason for why AMD may have chosen to show something from "Halo 3" in particular, especially since that game is not playable on the PC, or at least it isn't just yet.

The discovery has led some people to now think that there may be something in the works, and that "Halo 3" could soon make its way to the PC.

Rumors are even hinting that the version of the aforementioned "Halo" game coming to the PC may be a special "Anniversary" edition to help mark the 10th year from the title's initial release.

For now though, confirmation that any version of "Halo 3" is coming to the PC is not available just yet, so fans will have to stay tuned to learn more about where this could go.

"Halo 3" may not be the only installment of the franchise that makes its way to the PC.

During an interview last year with PC Gamer, Xbox head Phil Spencer was asked if there was any ideological reason for why the next "Halo" game, presumably "Halo 6," may not be released for the PC.

Spencer's reply was a simple "not at all."

The near future could be an exciting one for PC players, as two different "Halo" games could be made available for their preferred platform.