Could Jay-Z Believe the White Man is a Devil? Longtime 5 Percent Nation Member Says Yes

Picture: YouTube ScreengrabJay-Z Wearing Five Percent Nation Chain on Power 105.1 The Breakfast Club

Rapper and mogul Jay-Z's recent affiliation with the 5 Percent Nation caused a media frenzy earlier this year due to some of the group's beliefs that include the thought that white men are devils.

A fellow hip-hop veteran and 30-year official 5 Percent member Lord Jamar of the group Brand Nubian weighed in on the matter via VladTV and answered the question about the group's controversial belief.

"Yep," answered Jamar when asked if the group holds to the teaching of the white man being a devil. "But now with that being said white people come from the black man. And the original devil, the strongest devil is a black devil. So, are the white people devils by themselves? No. They come from a stronger version of the devil, which was the original black man."

Jamar also touched on whether or not he believes Jay-Z is actually a member of the group, or if he is just dabbling with some of its teachings and symbols.

"There's been little hints," said Jamar when asked about the rapper's affiliation with the 5 Percent Nation. "I've heard for awhile now dropping little things in his music. But as far as actually coming out and proclaiming he's god and coming amongst the gods and building with the god. And making knowledge born. He has not done that."

Jay-Z was suspected of being affiliated with the group after sporting a chain with one of their most highly regarded symbols to the NYC radio show The Breakfast Club last year. He was seen wearing the chain again at a basketball game and at this year's Brooklyn Hip-Hop festival.

Various hip-hop artists such as the Wu Tang Clan, Busta Rhymes and Rakim have been a part of the 5 Percenters, which started as a break-off from the Nation of Islam in the 1960s.

The group holds to a belief that 5 percent of the world's population are the Poor Righteous Teachers who know and teach that God is the Asiatic Blackman. The other 95 percent consist of 10 percent that know the truth, but use it for evil or their own personal gain and 85 percent that are blind to the knowledge of themselves and God.

Their view and use of the words God and Devil are also significantly different from the Christian, Jewish and Muslim beliefs.