Couple's Second Lottery Win: $1 Million for Retirees Using Quick Pick (VIDEO)

An Arizona couple on Wednesday won a $1 million jackpot lottery for a second time after purchasing a quick pick ticket.

In 1995 the couple won $2.5 million and have been receiving a $125,000 annuity ever since. Their second win comes just in time. Payments from their first lottery win will end in December 2014, but now the couple will receive continued payments from their second win.

The $1 million win has a total value of $665,000 after taxes, but while that amount is significant it is not enough according to Diane Carmichael who hopes to win the lotto for a third time.

"Good things come in threes," she told "Two down, one to go."

A greedy outlook according to some internet users who were anxious to win their own jackpot.

"Why in the world are they still playing the lottery? You'd think they would let somebody else win. Jeesh!!" one person wrote on a Huffington post blog.

But while some people go through significant effort to win the lottery by monitoring numbers and even using charts, it appears that the Carmichaels have not really done much at all. The winning lottery ticket came from a quick pick ticket purchased by Diane Carmichael. And it was actually her husband who purchased the first winning ticket. In fact, the real luck may be coming from that state itself. Arizona has handed out 19 $1 million tickets since January 2012.

"This is an incredible win for the Arizona Lottery, especially since the ticket was purchased at our office by a previous Lottery winner," Karen Bach, director of budget, products, and communications for the Arizona Lottery, told azfamily. "Arizona has seen a substantial increase in the number of new millionaires statewide since $2 Powerball launched and we only expect that trend to continue."