Courteney Cox Reunion With Matthew Perry Scheduled for April

Courteney Cox is reuniting with her one-time on-screen husband Matthew Perry on the set of his new show, "Go On." Cox will be featured on an episode set to air in April.

Cox will play a woman who soon becomes a love interest for Perry's character thanks to the work of his secretary, according to The Hollywood Reporter. "Go On" is one of NBC's freshmen series that has done well and consistently draws in viewers. The series focuses on a group of strangers brought together by a support group for those who are grieving or struggling to "go on."

It will be the first time Perry and Cox have worked together since "Friends" ended in 2004. Since then, Cox has guest-starred on Lisa Kudrow's Showtime series "Web Therapy" and landed her own popular series, "Cougar Town," which was dropped by ABC but picked up by TBS this season.

Jennifer Aniston and Kudrow have both appeared on "Cougar Town," and Aniston even guest-starred on Cox's original, short-lived series "Dirt." None of the men have guest-starred on the women's series, but perhaps now there can be a change since Cox is appearing on Perry's show.

Fans are excited to see the two reunite on the series.

"I don't care if this is for the ratings or not, I just love the idea of Courteney Cox and Matthew Perry in a show," Grace posted on

"I agree they had the best chemistry of any 'Friends' pair," added Morricone.

"Yes, I can't wait to work with Matthew!" Cox herself tweeted.

"Courtney Cox and Matthew Perry are reuniting on-screen! Monica & Chandler 4EVER!" tweeted New York Magazine.

"Go On" currently stars Laura Benanti, Julie White, James Williams, Suzy Nakamura, and Bret Gelman. It was created by Emmy Award-winning writer and producer Scott Silveri, who also worked on "Friends."

"I predict that I will die in April 2013 because that's when the 'Go On' episode with Courteney Cox will air," tweeted Phoebe Buffay 2.0.