Courteney Cox Says Divorce Papers Are 'No Surprise'

Courteney Cox has finally received divorce papers from estranged husband David Arquette after a nearly 4-month-long wait. The couple would have been married 13 years yesterday, when Arquette finally filed the paperwork in court.

In 2010, the pair issued a statement about their decision to separate, saying, "The reason … is to better understand ourselves and the qualities we need in a partner and for our marriage." They previously tried to repair their relationship but now the divorce will move along in the court system.

Cox and Arquette married in 1999 and daughter Coco Riley Arquette was born in 2004. Arquette has petitioned the court for joint custody of his daughter, which Cox has said should not be a problem, as both are determined to co-parent their child.

In October, Arquette told radio host and shock jock Howard Stern, "Whoever I'm with has got to accept this relationship: that I love her and she's my best friend. We love each other. We're really dear friends with each other. I know that's hard for people to understand, but you don't have to go into battlegrounds."

The duo currently co-executive-produces ABC's hit series "Cougar Town," which features Cox as a recently divorced single mother. While the series is a hit with fans, ABC recently made the decision to release the show to cable channel TBS. There has been no word on whether there will be changes within the staff.

It may bode as bad timing on Arquette's behalf. He filied the paperwork at the same time as the couple's anniversary and Cox's birthday, as well as daughter Coco's birthday, but the decision didn't seem to catch anyone off guard.

When asked if she was aware that ex-husband Arquette had filed the paperwork, Cox responded, "He did?! Oh my gosh! I didn't know," she sarcastically told TMZ.