Courtney Love Sued by Lawyers for $500,000: Sent Love but No Money

Courtney Love is being sued and may have a hard time getting representation because the party suing her is her own lawyer, Keith A. Fink & Associates.

In less than a year, Courtney Love managed to rack up a attorney fees of more than half a million dollars. She also may have built up a good repertoire with her consultants initially by sending gifts sealed with hugs and kisses, but the relationship went sour when the checks that followed her niceties bounced.

"Fink says Love repeatedly expressed her gratitude for the firm by sending gifts, thank-you notes, flowers, tickets to concerts ... but when she sent checks to cover the bill, most of them bounced like a rubber ball," TMZ reported.

It also appears that Love is still depending on the estate of Kurt Cobain, former member of Nirvana who committed suicide in 1994, for wealth and financial support.

"Fink claims Love's business manager tried to stall the bill collectors by assuring Fink that Love would have the money as soon as she got paid out from the Nirvana estate. But the money never came," TMZ revealed.

Alas, enough is enough and Love's lawyers are calling a checkmate. The law company filed suit in L.A. County Superior Court and charge that Love owes them $518,640.66 for services rendered from January of 2009 to October of 2009 according to TMZ.

Love's inability to pay the bill is her own fault, Fink charged, stating that she was poor at managing money. Her personal assistants have "charged her hundreds of dollars for measly tasks such as tidying up hotel suite and picking up coffee for her at a nearby Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf," Fink told TMZ.

Love's representatives, however, have denied receiving any lawsuit.

"Courtney has not been served with anything, so as far as we're concerned there is no lawsuit. Additionally, Keith has not been her attorney for many years, so it's a bit odd that this would surface now," Steve Honig told TMZ.