Courtney Wagner, Daughter of Natalie Wood, Arrested for Narcotics Posession

Courtney Wagner, daughter of Robert Wagner and Natalie Wood, has been arrested on charges of possession. Wagner was picked up after people reported a shooting at a home in Malibu.

When authorities arrived at the home, they found Wagner and friend Matthew Cox, along with several bags "of what appeared to be narcotics at the location," sheriff's officials stated. Numerous handguns were also found at the residence, and Cox was arrested for negligent discharge of a weapon. Wagner is charged with possession of narcotics but posted bond and will remain free until her next court date.

Wagner is the daughter of Hollywood icons Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner, who had a famous romance dating back to their first marriage in 1957. Wagner was eight years Wood's senior. Their first marriage lasted four years, and their divorce was finalized in 1962.

Wood then married British producer Richard Gregson, with whom she had daughter Natasha. After hearing a telephone call between her secretary and husband, Wood filed for divorce, which was finalized in 1972.

Immediately after that relationship was over, Wood and Wagner reconciled. They were remarried exactly five months after Wood's divorce from Gregson was finalized. Courtney was born in 1974, and the family was happy until Wood's untimely death seven years later.

Wood's death was officially listed as accidental drowning, though questions surrounding the accident have made it infamous. Her body was discovered in the water, though no one was able to give an account of how she got in the water; she was bruised, and had a blood alcohol level nearly double the legal limit.

Authorities acting on new information and statements reopened the case last year, but later closed it because nothing contradicted the medical examiner's official ruling of accidental drowning.

"At this point, it is an accidental death," chief of detectives William McSweeney told The Los Angeles Times. "Nothing has been discovered to suggest changing that at this time."