'Covert Affairs' Season 5 Spoilers: 'We're Moving Into A New Phase'

With season four of hit drama "Covert Affairs" wrapped up, many fans are already wondering what season five will hold. For season five spoilers from the executive producer and showrunner Matt Corman, read on.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Corman discussed what we can expect to see from Annie and Auggie's realtionship in the next season.

"The thing about them is they never had things to digest things. Even during that noodle scene, they were under such duress. They have never yet had the luxury of time in their relationship. Will they have time now? We'll see. ... When they have that phone call when she's on the boat and he's at the ops center, I don't think either of them have any idea what they want except that they're happy Annie's alive and this is over. That question you asked is the question of Season 5 for them," Corman said.

The executive producer elaborated on what Annie's character will be like in season five.

"It remains to be seen how she'll come back to the CIA. We're just now turning to Season five. What's nice about this ending is it leaves a lot of options open for us. I think it's safe to say that she's never going to be the same again, as a spy or a person," he said to Entertainment Weekly.

Discussing the new season as a whole, Corman said he saw it as a sort of new beginning for the show.

"We're moving into the next phase. They were such a key part of the show. It remains to be seen how our characters are going to be challenged and where the threats come from. It is a new phase in their lives and the lives of the agency. It will be a natural progression, but a progression nonetheless," he said.