Coweta Woman Found After Being Missing for 72 Hours; Search Had Already Been Called Off (VIDEO)

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(Photo: CBS Screen Shot)A Coweta woman has been found a day after the official search was called off.

A Coweta woman has been found alive after being missing for 72 hours.

Eleanor Alexander, 78, disappeared from her home in the early hours of Sunday and had been missing since. Her disappearance sparked a widespead search, but that search was eventually called off after all searches and leads turned up with nothing.

However, she was amazingly found on Tuesday with the help from a volunteer who had used her own search dog. She was found at about 11a.m. this morning, after the search for her was originally called off at 9 p.m. Monday.

The elderly woman was found 300 yards from her home and was airlifted to Atlanta Medical Center in critical condition.

Gail Higgins, a volunteer from Cedartown, had brought her German shepherd to assist with the search. "It's been three days. This lady's had no food, no water, no nothing," she told CBS.

Residents in the area came together to help law enforcement search for Alexander in Coweta County.

Alexander has been diagnosed with dementia and she was said to be in good physical condition when she disappeared. She was wearing a white shirt with red stripes and faded blue jeans.

The Coweta resident was seen walking along Providence Church Road early Sunday morning.