CP World Report: 9/11 Anniversary, Syria, Pakistan, Micah Challenge

Today marks the somber day of remembrance: the anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks. From Ground Zero, to the Pentagon, to a tranquil field in Pennsylvania, thousands will gather to remember those they lost. Nearly three-thousand people died in the attacks.

President Obama has proclaimed today: Patriot Day….. and the National Day of Service and Remembrance.

Violence continues to escalate in Syria. Some are reporting regime forces have been taking the fighting--and weaponry--to a whole new level.

The Iranian regime has also shipped hundreds of tons of military equipment, including guns, rockets, and shells, to Syria; and Western Intelligence officials believe that increased Iranian support has been responsible for the growing effectiveness of the al-Assad regime against the opposition.

MEANWHILE….A 28 year old employee of the UN's Palestinian refugee agency was killed by gunfire in Damascus. It isn't clear whether it was from a stray bullet or sniper fire. The death was the second in three days for a U.N employee in Yarmouk---a residential area in Damascus. The area is home to about 1 million Syrians and 150-thousand Palestinian refugees. Over the weekend the opposition accused Syrian forces of raiding and targeting a Palestinian refugee camp in Damascus.

Senator Rand Paul has vowed to hold up Senate business and press a vote on a bill to freeze U.S. aid to Pakistan, unless the doctor who helped the CIA track Osama Bin laden is freed from jail in that country. Shakil Afridi has described being brutally tortured at the hands of Pakistan's Inter-Service Intelligence. He also revealed they consider Americans their worst enemies and that their claims to cooperate with the US are a sham to extract billions of dollars.

Canadian Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney has announced 31-hundred people being stripped of citizenship for fraud. A widening federal crackdown has identified a record number of people suspected of acquiring their Canadian citizenship and immigration status through fraud.That number has ballooned to an historic 11,000 as a result of nation-wide enforcement--almost double than less than a year ago. Kenney discusses the seriousness of the issue…..

Christian campaigners want assurances that the next US president will remember the world's poor and protect overseas aid. Jason Alfonse Fileta, Director of Micah Challenge USA said millions of people are alive today because former President George Bush followed his convictions and launched the Presidents Emergency Plan for Aids Relief. He went on to say that as Christian campaigners, the Bible is not only our inspiration but handbook as well.

Debt counselling Charity "Christians Against Poverty" has revealed a disturbing report: that more people are thinking of suicide because of their expenses. The Charity questioned 15-hundreds clients about how they felt before they had received help for their debt problems. A startling 40 percent said they either considered taking their own lives or actually attempted it. The charity revealed the results on World Suicide Prevention Day—which was yesterday--to highlight the pressure on people caught up in financial woes.


September is Childhood Obesity Awareness Month, and as kids go back to school, health authorities are asking parents to make sure their youngsters stay fit during the school season.