CP World Report: Abortion Support Plummets, Anglican Book of Common Prayer, British Counselor Sued for Gay Conversion Therapy

It appears pro-choice isn't a popular stance these days. A new Gallup poll out of the U.S. released this week shows only 41-percent of Americans favor abortion rights. That's the lowest number in Gallup poll history. The poll also shows most people think abortion should be legal under certain circumstances.
Anti-abortion groups praise the findings, saying technologically advanced ultrasound images are helping to change perceptions about unborn babies.

The Anglican Book of Common Prayer turned 350 years old this month. In honor of the milestone, the Anglican Communion held a special evening service at Saint Paul's Cathedral in London with outgoing Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams presiding. The history of the Book of Prayer began in the fallout of King Henry VIII's decision to split from the Roman Catholic Church and form the Church of England. And, January 1st of this year marked a significant date: the creation of a Roman Catholic Ordinariate: a Church body calling for disaffected orthodox Anglicans to join the Catholic Church.

Egypt's Christian minority community has been reflecting on the country's first free election.
Ian Lee shares their story including the feelings of one grandmother ……. who went out to vote for the first time

A British Christian counsellor has been struck off from the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy for trying to turn a client from a homosexual lifestyle. But get this: Leslie Pilkington only did it in response to undercover gay journalist Patrick Strudwick approaching her at a Christian conference in 2009--posing as a Christian who wanted help with his unwanted homosexual attraction. When he got it, he turned around and launched a complaint against her to her professional body. The appeal panel found her guilty of professional malpractice, and ruled she should lose her senior accredited status. Pilkington has asked the question: who will protect Christian Counsellors from such harassment.

Former Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords made a rare public appearance in Beverly Hills. The Simon Wiesenthal Center awarded Giffords and her astronaut husband, Mark Kelly, Medals of Valor.
Giffords left Congress to recover from being shot in the head during an event with constituents.
The honors were part of a tribute dinner for film and TV producer, Jerry Bruckheimer.
The Wiesenthal Center also gave out Medals of Valor to a holocaust survivor and some Tuskegee Airmen.

Check out these incredible images of the sun's surface. This enhanced video from NASA shows the sun's intense activity in a whole different light. The video was shot over 24 hours.

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