CP World Report: Afghanistan, Lockerbie bomber, Richard Dawkins, Bee Gees

NATO leaders have signed off on Obama's exit strategy from Afghanistan. It was announced at the conclusion of a two day summit in Chicago . It calls for an end to combat operations next year , the handing over of Security responsibilities to Afghan forces in 2013; and finally….the withdrawal of the U.S.-led international military force by the end of 2014.

Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla, ended the second day of their royal Canadian tour with a Victoria-day fireworks show along Toronto's Waterfront Park yesterday. They landed Monday afternoon at Toronto Pearson –from New Brunswick –and were greeted by dignitaries. Today the Ontario Government hosts a reception for the couple at the historic Distillery District. Charles then visits the Yonge Street Mission. They leave for Regina this evening.

Meanwhile….As Queen Elizabeth II celebrates her Diamond Jubilee, a poll has found that 73 percent of Brits agree that she should continue to keep her title as "Defender of the Faith" first given to King Henry VIII. The title makes her the Supreme Governor of the Church of England, and superior to the Archbishop of Canterbury.

The infamous Lockerbie bomber has died. Known as the evil mastermind behind the 1988 Pan Am plane explosion that killed 270 people, Abdelbaset Ali Al-Megrahi remained unrepentant. He was diagnosed with terminal prostrate cancer while serving his life sentence, then released from jail in Scotland three years ago. He then received a hero's welcome on return to his native country Libya. The victims' families have been outraged and accused the British and Scottish governments of setting him free in the name of trade oil. Investigations still continue.

It isn't easy analyzing the impact of social media in the Middle East beyond how popular it is; and what this could mean to pro-democracy movements.

The World Evangelical Alliance's representative to the UN has suggested a common cause between both organizations when it comes to fighting poverty and disease. Debra Fikes says, in addition though, the Alliance also communicates evangelical beliefs and values. According to UN data, over 50 million refugees fleeing persecution, violence and war have received aid from the Office of the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees since 1951.

We brought you a story last week about the Department of Education distributing King James bibles to every school in England in Honor of its 400th anniversary. Well, world -renowned atheist Richard Dawkins says he supports the mission. The author and evolutionary biologist says he would go so far as to fund the cause himself had he been given the opportunity to do so. Why? Because he says a native speaker of English who has never read a word of the King James Bible is verging on…. Barbarian.


In less than a week, another announcement of the death of a popstar icon. Bee Gees singer Robin Gibb has passed away at 62 after a long battle with cancer. Donna Summer died last Thursday, also after battling cancer. Robin slipped into a coma in mid April. The Bee Gees were formed in the late 1960s in Britain and achieved their greatest fame in the 1970s with the soundtrack for Saturday Night Fever and hit song Stayin' Alive.