CP World Report: Afghanistan, Witchcraft, Pulitzer Prize, Muslim-Friendly Bible Translation

Norway mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik has proclaimed he would do it again. Showing no remorse Breivik made the statement on the 2nd day of his trial for killing 77 people last July in Norway. He also boasted that he had carried out "the most spectacular political attack in Europe since World War Two. Breivik says his actions were justified to save the country from multiculturalism while his lawyer says it is important for his client to be considered sane.

A U.K. school board has included the study of witchcraft and druidry on its official religious education syllabus for the first time. This means pagan practices will be taught alongside contemporary religions, such as Christianity, Islam and Judaism. While Christianity will remain the dominant focus at Cornwall Council schools, students will now also learn about the ancient druid beliefs of the British Isles that thrived before Christianity, aspects of witchcraft, and the worship of gods from various regions.

Afghan President Hamid Karzai says the performance of his military forces in reacting to a series of sustained assaults shows that the security situation will not deteriorate after the departure of international troops scheduled for next year. During an interview with CNN's Christiane Amanpour, he also assured that the Taliban will not re-gain power.

She is one of the youngest journalists to ever win a Pulitzer Prize. 24-year old Sara Ganim and the staff of The Patriot-News won the award for local reporting for its Jerry Sandusky sex scandal coverage. Last year, Ganim broke the story that the grand jury was investigating the former Penn State football coach. Her newspaper editor says it came all from Ganim working her beat and just doing her job. Ganim is a 2008 graduate of Penn State and has worked as a CNN contributor.

It flew more missions than any other Space Shuttle and now the Discovery is taking its final trip through the skies. Rene Marsh joins us from what will become Discovery's new resting place.

An 85 year old missionary is translating the Bible into a Muslim friendly version Dr. Viggo Olsen and his wife Joancreated a pocket dictionary of 4,600 Bengali Muslim words, then spent 10 years leading a team that created a New Testament for Bengali Muslims. The translation uses Arabic words to make it more relevant to Muslims. For example, the tile of the Book of Mathew is "The Holy Injil." It also uses the word "Isa" for Jesus and "Ibrahim" for Abraham.

One of the toughest things for new parents, is watching their infants get vaccinated. Researchers are finding that knowing how to comfort a child through the process makes all the difference. Here's Melisa Raney with today's Health Minute.