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CP World Report: Anders Breivik, 'The Voice' Bible, Syria, North Korea

CP World Report: Anders Breivik, 'The Voice' Bible, Syria, North Korea

The man accused of killing seventy-seven people in a bomb and gun rampage in Norway last summer has pleaded not guilty. Anders Breivik claimed self-defense on the first day of his trial yesterday. Some have described the lone-wolf terrorist as a right-wing Christian extremist. A fifteen hundred page manifesto attributed to him and posted on the Internet found him critical of Muslim immigration and European liberalism, including Norway's Labour Party. So he called the rampage an act of self defense for his country.

The Syrian-UN ceasefire agreement remains fragile. As UN peace monitors entered the country, government forces vowed a crackdown after a wave of terrorist attacks. It's forces shelled Homs and six people were killed and four bodies were found. The Syrian government said it could not be responsible for the safety of the UN peace monitors unless it was involved in all steps on the ground. Since the announcement of an end to military operations, terrorist attacks have reportedly increased by dozens and Al Assad security forces say it's their duty to protect civilians and the country.

All around the world, events were held to mark the one hundredth anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. Crowds pouredd into the new Titanic exhibit at the Henry Ford Musuem in Dearborn, Michigan for the somber occasion. The musuem is hosting the largest touring exhibition of artifacts from the Titanic.

More than two hundred and fifty artifacts are on display at the museum. The exhibit opened March 31st and runs until September twentieth. Also, to mark the anniversary, two cruise ships headed to the site where the ocean liner went down. Chris Welch talked with some of the passengers.

A new English Translation of the bible called "the Voice" has omitted the name Jesus Christ and replaced it with "anointed one". The translation is put out by Thomas Nelson Publishing. Lead editor Frank Couch told our Partner the Christian Post that "the Voice" is intended to make the Gospel message—quote…"easier to understand for modern audiences". The new translation has also replaced the word Apostle with "emissary" and has omitted the word "Angel.

The church is working in some of the hardest to reach areas in Africa to tackle malaria.The Province of Central Africa conferred its highest honour, the Order of the Epiphany, on philanthropists Christopher Flowers and Neville Isdell for their work with the church in tackling the disease. World Malaria Day is on APRIL TWENTY FIFTH when churches will pray and hold special events to raise awareness of the disease that kills a child every five minutes in Africa.

While North Korea is known to be one of the worst violators in the world for religious freedoms and in persecuting Christians, South Korea is a different story, and reportedly outshines all of us. Robert Johnson, minister from the USA and a Korean Manmin Church missionary compared the U.S. and South Korea. He calls the Korean attitude toward Christianity impressive, stating they pray all night long and then go to work and even attend evening services on Wednesdays and Fridays. Then on Sunday they spend all day in the Church.


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