CP World Report: Christian Convert Imprisoned in Iran, Tributes in Newtown, Christmas Tree

World report

The un-named Muslim woman who wants to wear a niqab while testifying in a Canadian sexual assault case has lost her bid to keep her veil on. In a split decision by the Supreme Court of Canada, 4 of the seven judges voted that she may have to remove her niqab. Two voted she would have to remove it completely, and one voted that she could keep it on. N.S., as the woman is referred to, appealed to the Supreme Court, arguing that her sincere religious beliefs meant that her face must be covered before all males who are not close relatives. The woman accused an uncle and a cousin of repeatedly sexually assaulting her before the age of 10.

The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), has announced that it will be legally representing the family of the Rev. Saeed Abedini, a Christian convert and U.S. immigrant who is currently being imprisoned in Iran because of his Christian faith. Pastor Saeed, who was born and raised in Iran, has U.S. citizenship. He has traveled to and from Iran on several occasions. He's been in prison for nearly three months. Abedini has been indicted by an Iranian court -- a development that could very well result in a death sentence. He converted to Christianity at age 20 after slipping into a deep depression while training to be a suicide bomber with an extremist Muslim group.

The devastating shooting at a Connecticut elementary school one week ago today has revived the very sensitive debate over whether teachers in schools should be armed. Advocates say the idea is similar to the way pilots and air marshals have weapons on board a plane. But even talk of arming teachers is creating a tremendous backlash.

Tributes continue for the shocked Newtown, Connecticut, community. Tory Dunann has the latest from Western Connecticut State University in Danbury - where a community event was held to help with healing.

There hasn't been any cheery news during the past week so let's end World Report with a story of a Christmas tree that is over the top!