Monday, March 26, 2012
CP World Report: Christians In Syria, French Shooting Suspects, Pope Benedict, England

CP World Report: Christians In Syria, French Shooting Suspects, Pope Benedict, England

While Syria's ongoing massacres and abuses are front and center, little attention is given to another serious issues reported by the Syrian Orthodox Church that militant Islamists have expelled the majority of Christians from the Western city of Homs. It's an ongoing ethnic cleansing of Christians by members of the al-Qaeda linked group: Brigade Faruq.

Another man has been charged in the French massacre. It is the brother of 23 year old Mohamed Merah who confessed to killing three Jewish schoolchildren, a rabbi; and three para-troopers before that . Abdel kader Merah was handed preliminary murder & terrorism charges for helping to plan the attacks, but he has denied any role. Police continue to investigate whether the murders were linked to an international network of Al Qaeda extremists like Mohammed claimed, or whether the two worked on their own. Mohamed's 32 hour standoff with police ended with his death after 32 hours.

Pope Benedict drew a crowd of hundreds of thousands at an open mass yesterday in Mexico. With the ongoing drug related violence facing Mexico, the Pope's message focussed on renewing of hearts and faith in troubled times. Preaching about persistence in the midst of evil, Benedict compared the need for a pure, humble heart in modern times to the situation in Biblical Israel.

A landmark court ruling comes down today that could drastically alter prostitution laws in Ontario, and potentially Canada. A five judge panel on the Ontario Court of Appeal will either uphold or reverse a September 2010 ruling by Ontario Superior Court Judge Susan Himel that struck down three prostitution laws from the Criminal Code. She declared them unconstitutional because she said they put the safety of sex workers at risk. Himel determined these laws that criminalize pimping, operating a bawdy house and communicating for the purposes of prostitution, actually endanger sex trade workers by forcing them on to the streets. Her ruling came following a constitutional challenge by a dominatrix and a former sex worker. But, 100 Huntley street reporter Brigit Antwi (Entry) did her own investigation.

A Church of England report warns that Church schools must vigorously assert their Christian philosophy in the face of modern challenges and attacks from secularists. The report entitled: "The Church School of the Future" says Church schools are challenged to maintain their distinctive character in a fragmented education system and increasingly secular society. The report is based on evidence from clergy, school leaders, politicians and other stakeholders in education.

A U.K. couple was awestruck when another special couple crashed their wedding. The crashers: the Queen and Prince Philip. John and Frances Canning were holding a small reception at the same hall where the royals were at a luncheon in Manchester. Knowing this beforehand, John in jest decided to send an invitation to the Queen. He received a polite decline. Little did he expect that the royals would actually turn up and congratulate him and his new bride. Bride Francis was not only delighted. She got a photo Op with the Queen.


Teaching children about cultural foods can have a feast of benefits as Ninette Sosa reports

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