CP World Report: Chuck Colson, South Sudan, God Spot, Face Britain Project

The founder of Prison Fellowship Ministries Chuck Colson passed away this weekend at 80. We'll tell you more further on……

Albertans go to the polls today where Calgary proved to be the last battleground. The latest polls show what's being dubbed the upstart party "Wildrose" leading the Progressive Conservatives and on the verge of a majority government. Premier Alison Redford gave her final pitch yesterday.

As tensions between Sudan and South Sudan escalate into military combat on the border, Christian South Sudan citizens are trapped in Sudan and living in fear. Many among the half million of them have never lived anywhere else, and now they have been granted 30 days beginning April 8th to register or leave the country. Yet they are in a bind: they are being forbidden to leave as the government says they require documents, of which many don't have.

What's the average internet surfer spending most of their time clicking on? According to an article in the New York Daily news, it's on porn. It cites a report by Extreme Tech that suggests the average visit to a typical news site is between three to six minutes. But for porn sites, surfers are spending upwards of 15 to 20 minutes . One of the biggest of those sites is getting 100 million page views per day. The report estimates about 30 percent of all Internet traffic involves porn sites.

And with that information, this sounds like a good idea: a British parliamentary inquiry into online porn has recommended that the Government introduce a regulatory structure for online content. The groups: Premier Christian Trust and Safer Media Advocacy group launched the Safetynet campaign in February calling for legislation to force service providers to filter porn. The recommendation was welcomed by many Christian campaigners.

A California woman has created an organic skin care line made by hand… using organic, locally grown herbs, fruits and wild honey that she harvests from the Santa Monica mountains.
here's her inspiring story.

The previously referred to "God spot," has been found to be spread across a number of areas in the brain. The God Spot is one specific area said to be linked to spirituality. But a new study published by the International Journal of the Psychology of Religion has revealed the God Spot is not really concentrated in one area as previously believed.

Projected onto the front of Buckingham Palace were the self portraits of over 200 thousand children. Together they formed a very colourful montage of the Queen. It's part of the 'Face Britain' project which celebrates children. It's an initiative leading up to the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and the London Olympics.

And finally…..

Christian leaders celebrated the life and work of Chuck Colson this weekend and remembered him as a great friend, mentor, apologist and witness for Christ. the 80 year old founder and head of Prison Fellowship Ministries passed away Saturday afternoon, just over three weeks after suffering from a brain hemorrhage . Colson became a committed Christian while the Watergate Scandal charges were still pending against him and after a friend gave him a copy of the C.S. Lewis book Mere Christianity. Prominent Christian Apologist Ravi Zacharias called Colson "a prophet for our times"