CP World Report: Colorado Shooting Victims, Syria, Norway, Ernie Els

The community of Aurora, Colorado remained in shock and grief as the names of the 12 victims were released. They were killed in Friday's massacre during a Batman screening. 58 others were injured. 24 year old James Holmes is in custody. He told police he was "channeling the energy of the Joker". His apartment was booby trapped and contained thousands of rounds of ammunition and other tactical gear. Aurora Mayor, Steve Hogan, discusses the profile of Holmes……

Churches in the city of Aurora and much of Colorado held special prayer services, vigils, while Pastors and ministry leaders offered counsel.

The al Assad regime in Syria claims to have re-taken control of Damascus, after its most elite fighting force overwhelmed rebel strongholds. Backed by heavy artillery and helicopter gunships, the 4th Armoured Division swept through three rebel-held districts and laid siege to a fourth. It was confirmed by the Israeli military last night that al Assad remains in the capital, following rumours that he had left. Observers are saying yesterday's counter-offensive effectively ended rebel hopes of capturing Damascus and has brought a swift end to a 16 month uprising that killed over 19,000 people.

Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of the shooting rampage in Norway. 77 people were killed mostly teens at the hands of admitted killer Anders Breivik, claiming to be fighting multiculturalism. The country held a minute of silence to mark the sad anniversary. Breivik's trial ended last month. The court must determine whether Breivik was sane at the time of the killings. A verdict is expected on August 24th.

And in another sad anniversary, French President Francois Hollande led ceremonies yesterday marking the 70th anniversary of the largest roundup of about 13-thousand Jews in World War II France. They were deported. W Thousands of those men, women and children were eventually taken to the death camp in Auschwitz, where they were killed. Hollande promised to crack down on anti-Semitism in a country reeling from killings at a Jewish school in March.

The family of a baby boy suffering from a rare condition is hoping to raise money for special medical treatment, and…an autistic teenager is now helping with that cause.
Kristen Joyce met with him in Washington State.


A warning to expectant moms about addictions to prescription drugs like oxycodone. A sudden withdrawal often causes miscarriage. It's happening in mass numbers in Northern Ontario, Canada, at the Fort Hope aboriginal community. Addiction to Oxycodone has become a widespread epidemic and particularly in native communities. So are the deaths of unborn babies to this particular community, where Fort Hope mothers lost their infants when the illicit supply of the medicines dried up or they decided to quit cold turkey. Experts suspect narcotic withdrawal curbs blood supply to the placenta, which sometimes results in fatal consequences for the fetus.

Ernie Els of South Africa has won the 141st british open. Els, at 42, had shown all the signs of nearing the end of his major-competitive prime, but he said all week that he had a feeling that he was on the verge of something great, and that he certainly was.