CP World Report: Democratic Convention, Open Doors, Bahrain Church, West Nile Virus

In the final night of the Democratic Convention last night, President Obama delivered a message of hope, as he officially accepted the party nomination

And…..Now that the Conventions are over, President Obama and Mitt Romney are gearing up for the final stages of their campaign . Ed Payne reports.

The Federal Liberals are set to announce a new leader April 14th, 2013. Interim party leader Bob Rae said the party wants to have the most broad-based race in Canadian history. And there will be a new "supporter" category in the party, which means people who want to help choose the leader-- but who are not party members---will also be able to vote. The party has signed up more than 20,000 supporters already. Montreal MP Justin Trudeau-- son of former prime minister Pierre Trudeau-- said he's feeling tremendous pressure to run for the party's leadership, a move he'd intended to put off for a few more years.

Police are investigating a shooting that left four people dead in a popular vacation area in the mountains of eastern France. Three of the victims—all British-- were found inside a parked car.
And a fourth person - identified as French - was discovered near the vehicle.
Two young girls survived. One, a badly wounded seven-year-old was found when police arrived.
Several hours later a four-year old was discovered inside the car -- apparently hiding under the dead bodies. Prosecutor Eric Maillaud discusses the shooting...

Carl Moeller is stepping down as president and CEO of Open Doors USA. Moeller spent 9 years leading the international ministry based in California that supports persecuted Christians in the most oppressive countries in the world. He's moving to a new position as president of Sequoia Global Resources located in Irvine, Calif. The newly formed group is aimed at fulfilling the global need for strategic alliances between international business and philanthropy, he said. Steve Ridgway has been appointed interim CEO of Open Doors USA during the transition period. Open Doors estimates that about 100 million Christians worldwide suffer interrogation, arrest and even death for their faith in Christ, with millions more facing discrimination and alienation.

The organization "Bibles for China" is preparing to Deliver 30,000 Bibles to eager Christians, living in rural China, where Religious freedom is stifled. The organization plans on visiting more than 50 churches while in China, all of which are registered with the Chinese government.

Sunni Muslim Clerics in Bahrain have signed a petition against any motions to build churches in the Arabian Peninsula, regarded as the birthplace of Islam. Now plans to build Bahrain's largest Roman Catholic church are being challenged by those Sunni Clerics. Bahrain is a kingdom ruled by a monarchy, and although its government protects religious freedom, there is still much religious tensions as Sunni and Shi'a communities are engaged in sectarian battles. Plans for the Catholic Church are not gaining much support in the Shi'a communities either. Still, the king's administration is backing plans for the Catholic Church….. said to be the size of a shopping center : about 97,000 square feet. It will serve as a base for the Vatican. Hopes are also…. that it will act as a spiritual center for other Christian denominations as well. The Vatican has been implementing expansion plans, with its main headquarters moving from Kuwait to Bahrain.

There has been a surge in West Nile virus cases, and deaths. More could come.
That's the word from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on the ongoing outbreak.
New cases jumped 25 percent over the last week, to nearly two-thousand total this year -- with almost 90 deaths.