CP World Report: Egypt, Arizona Immigration, Russia, London Olympics

Egypt's new president-elect, Islamist Mohammed Morsi has been quoted by Fars News Agency in Iran as saying: he wants to "reconsider" the peace deal with Israel and build ties with Iran to "create a strategic balance" in the Middle East. Morsi , who just moved into the office once occupied by ousted leader Hosni Mubarak, won by a close vote against opponent Ahmed Shafik in a runoff that polarized Egypt. Most Christians preferred Shafiq and half of them ended up boycotting the runoff. Morsi was quoted as saying: "We will not allow Ahmed Shafiq or anyone else to impede our second Islamic conquest of Egypt," and that Christians need to convert or immigrate. Still Christians remain hopeful, because in a recent effort to rally support, Morsi vowed to appoint diverse deputies, including a woman and a Christian. But Morsi now faces a power struggle with the ruling military who dismantled the Islamist dominated parliament and is drafting the constitution.

The Eurozone's fourth biggest economy has become the latest member to ask for financial aid.
Spain follows Greece, Portugal and Ireland by going cap in hand to the EU. The nation many regard as "too big to bail" is asking for up to 78 billion dollars to prop up its private banking sector. Spain is currently grappling with high borrowing costs and an unemployment rate of 25 percent.

The American Supreme court has struck down 3 out of 4 provisions of the Arizona Immigration Law. The provisions made it a crime for immigrants to look for work without work permits; and to not carry immigration papers. The one key provision upheld requires police officers to check the immigration status of those they suspect may be illegally in the country. However mandatory checks during routine stops is subject to challenge. Another decision faced by the courts is the part of Obama's health care reform law that requires almost all Americans to buy health insurance by 2014, or face financial penalties. The court could deem the law to be unconstitutional. Some say this is one of the most important appeals the court has considered in years.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is holding talks with Israeli President Shimon Peres and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Putin was in Tel Aviv for two days and heads out to the Palestinian territories today. The Syrian crisis and Iran's nuclear program dominated discussions. Israel wants to get Russia to help curb Iran's uranium enrichment.


For years, doctors and nutritionists have debated on how much vitamin D we need.
Now a new study finds that older women who don't get enough of the vitamin, may be heavier than those who do. Take a listen……

For the first time, Saudi Arabian women are permitted to compete in the London Olympics. So far no women have qualified, though athletes in judo and in track and field are considered possibilities.

Visitors coming to London for the Olympics will be able to sample music, dance and the visual arts thanks to the More Than Gold Coalition. It is an umbrella group for Olympic church outreach programs. The group has announced more than 700 free performances across London during the games. Performances will be staged by 40 teams of artists coming to the capital from more than 30 countries.