CP World Report: Egypt Constitution, Bible Translation, Wisconsin Recall, Venus Transit

Today is the deadline for Egypt's political parties to finalize the formation a100-member panel to write a new constitution. Egypt's ruling military council issued an ultimatum, stating if the deadline isn't met, it will draw up its own blueprint. The process has been deadlocked since the Islamist-dominated parliament tried to stack parliament with its own people, leading to a walkout by secular and liberal members and the disbanding of the panel by a court order. The conflict over the constitutional panel adds tension to an already charged political scene, coming three days after Mubarak was given a life sentence and just before the Presidential runoff election.

Meanwhile, the health of the ousted leader is described as entering a dangerous phase. The 84 year old was airlifted to a prison hospital with a heart issue after his life imprisonment sentence was announced last Saturday.

Wisconsin GOP Gov. Scott Walker keeps his job after surviving a recall election vote. Still several key questions remain on how Wisconsin will manage to move past the recent acrimony and what impact the recall results will have on the presidential election, just five months away. After claiming victory, Walker talked "unity"

The recall efforts began when Walker and other republicans in the state legislature rolled back what they considered excesses in the collective bargaining agreements of public-employee unions . It was an effort to cut Wisconsin's estimated $3.6 billion budget shortfall.

The number of violations of the religious rights of Christians in Indonesia reached 40 in the first five months of the year; almost two-thirds the amount of anti-Christian actions in all of last year. The violations include forced Church closings and violence. At least 22 Churches have already been forced to shut down this year. A decree went out in 2006 that requires all religious groups to obtain signatures of residents and approval from the local religious affairs office, before proceeding with church construction. Christians are saying the decree is impractical and provides the pretext for Islamic extremists and officials to close churches, revoke permissions and delay building permits.

A Bible translation organization wants to help bring the Gospel to groups around the world with the smallest number of people. The Seed Company, which says it's the fastest-growing Bible translation organization, announced the initiative. Company officials say there are more than 2,000 languages still without any Scripture. Of those, just over 12 hundred have 10-thousand or even less speakers of those languages. The Seed Company is an affiliate of Wycliffe Bible Translators.

Google has begun warning users if their accounts may have been compromised by state-sponsored cyber-attacks. The new step to help people protect personal data, includes a specific warning — with a pink message bar and blue letters .The warnings do not necessarily mean that the account has been hijacked, but that it may be a target, of phishing or malware. The move comes amid growing concerns about the so-called "Flame virus" spreading in the Middle East, and indications of cyber warfare involving the U.S. and other countries. Google said users who receive the warning should create a unique and strong password .

The slow transit of Venus across the face of the sun brought out skywatchers on every continent for the planet's last-in-a-lifetime trip. Transits of Venus happen in pairs, eight years apart, with more than a century between cycles. NASA captured the Venus min-eclipse of the sun by looking at the moon.


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