CP World Report: Egypt Coptic Church, Nigeria Christian Persecution, Syria Massacre

Anger towards Egyptian Christians is escalating following official results of the first round of the presidential elections. The runoff in mid-June is between Muslim Brotherhood Candidate Mohammed Morsi and Former Mubarek Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq. Morsi has allegedly said that the Coptic Christian population should "convert, pay tribute, or leave" the country. Enraged Egyptians are blaming the Christian Copts for so-called favouring the old regime by placing their votes in favour of Shafiq. And they are being dubbed-- traitors" and "anti-revolutionary". Since the fall of Mubarek, Christians have suffered increased persecution.

The Coptic Orthodox Church has announced the list of candidates for the successor of Pope Shenouda III who passed away on March 17th after four decades as the head of the Church. The list of names has been presented to the Nominations Committee. A final list of eligible voters is yet to be publicly announced.

An update on the Syrian massacre of 108 people in Houla (howala) where children were specifically targeted. UN officials have discovered evidence that the Al Asssad regime was involved even though the blame was put on a separate terrorist group. Iran—a strong ally of Syria—has also revealed that it has stepped in to help President Bashar Al Assad defeat the opposition. Some analysts say targeting the children was deliberate as a fear strategy against the persistent opposition, particularly in light of Arab Spring uprisings and ousters of leaders.

Meanwhile….Speaking at a UN forum in Istanbul, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan condemned the Houla massacre….

Christians continue to be attacked by Muslim extremists in Nigeria. The military reported 35 killed in May, but Christian leaders are saying that number is bigger. They say Christians are being gunned down, and attacked with machetes and knives; among them: children and infants. Some villages are being burned down. In one village, a group of over 200 displaced Christians had to take refuge at police stations and primary schools in other parts of the state where they have no food or medication. At a special worship service in Abuja for Democracy Day with Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan in attendance, the former Anglican primate of the Church of Nigeria—Reverend peter Akinola-- criticized the government's approach to the Muslim extremist sect Boko Harem, trying to do away with Christianity.

The search for 29 year old Luka Rocco Magnotta has gone international. He is the suspect in the the grisly slaying and dismemberment of a victim whose body parts were sent in the mail—one package was addressed to the Liberal Party of Canada. Interpol has posted a picture and information on Magnotta. He is a Montreal resident originally from Toronto, said by Interpol to be among a group of nine international suspects wanted for crimes including homicide, kidnapping and organized crime. Magnotta is also author of a blog post about quote: "how to disappear completely and never be found."
In Entertainment news….

Christian recording artist Jimmy Needham is focusing on lust and porn addiction in his blog series. He has dedicated two days to help those who struggle with the problem and hoped that this would help them fight the addiction. Needham also shares his personal story how he was able to defeat the addiction in his faith. He hopes to give hope to others facing the same issue.