CP World Report: Egypt Election, Rodney King, Mitt Romney, Niagara Falls Tightrope Feat

Nic Wallenda made history by crossing over Niagara falls on a tightrope. He accomplished the feat successfully Friday night. He says he got through by it by: ''a lot of praying.'' Staring 20 stories down, the devout Christian could be heard on live TV everywhere saying "thank you Jesus, thank you my father," while adoring fans watched nervously. Enthusiastic--yet concerned media--delivered play by play commentary and at the 20 minute mark, it was announced that Wallenda crossed the border between the US and Canada. When he arrived in Canada he was greeted by two Canadian customs officers,and joked that he did not bring anything with him across the border. When asked the purpose of his journey. Wallenda responded "To inspire people around the world." He achieved his 1500 foot walk in 25 minutes total. It was expected to be 40 minutes. Next stop he says: the Grand Canyon.

Rodney King, whose beating by LA police in 1991 was caught on camera is dead. The beatings followed a robbery and sparked race-driven riots after the acquittal of the four officers involved. Rodney was found dead in his swimming pool yesterday. He was 47.

The B.C. Supreme Court has struck down a ban on physician-assisted suicide. Almost 20 years after the federal Supreme Court upheld a ban on the practice, it has now been called "unconstitutional." The case involves Gloria Taylor, who has been battling Lou Gehrig's disease. The ruling has long been sought by right-to-die organizations in Canada—and supported by the BC Civil Liberties Association. It has also been long fought AGAINST by anti-euthanasia groups. B.C. Supreme Court Justice Lynn Smith ruled she was giving Taylor an "exceptional remedy of a constitutional exemption" while Parliament decides whether or not to change the law.

Mitt Romney wooed a crowd of evangelicals at a Faith and Freedom Coalition Conference in Washington D.C. through a video hookup from Pennyslvania. Many evangelicals have been uncomfortable with Romney being a Mormon and he made it clear he badly needs the support of evangelical Christians in the upcoming Presidential elections, and is working to get it. The crowd cheered and applauded as he made the State of Israel a focal point. While acknowledging disagreements between America and Isreal, he discussed remaining locked arm in arm with Israel in front of the world. Ralph Reed who is director the Faith and Freedom Coalition also addressed the crowd. He criticized President Obama on his quote: "war on religion," in reference to Obama's stance on gay marriage and abortion.

Effective immediately, young immigrants who arrived in the U.S. illegally before they turned 16 will be allowed to apply for work permits as long as they have no criminal history and meet other criteria. President Obama explained why it's important to protect these immigrants from being uprooted…

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood claimed a victory for its candidate Mohammed Morsi today in the country's first presidential vote since its uprising, but his rival Ahmed Shafiq disputed the announcement. Morsi's campaign said he captured 52 percent of the vote. Meanwhile, the military generals have been working on an interim constitutional declaration that state media said could be handed down any minute. Under the declaration, the council of generals would be the nation's legislators and control the budget. The Islamist-dominated parliament was dissolved under a court order last week. The two contenders: Ahmed Shafiq and Mohammed Morsi. Shafiq served as Mubarak's last prime minister and is closely tied to both the military and the old regime system. Morsi on the other hand is the Muslim Brotherhood candidate. He would likely have a far rockier relationship with the Generals.

The 21 year old man wanted in connection with the shooting death of three people and the attempted murder of another during a heist at the University of Alberta has been arrested. Travis Baum-gartner was picked up by Border Security near the U.S.-Canada border southwest of Abbotsford, B.C. He was found with 330-thousand dollars in cash in his vehicle. The victims were all employees of G-4-S Security; the same company that Baum-gartner worked for.


A leading cause of cancer for men is melanoma. There are warning signs of this potentially deadly type of skin cancer that men might not be able to see for themselves..for instance, if it's on their back. Susan Hendricks reports in today's Health Minute.

Webb Simpson won the U.S. Open . He captured his 1st major at the tournament in San Francisco, outlasting Jim Furyk and Graeme McDowell. McDowell shared second place with Michael Thompson.