CP World Report: Gaddafi Dead, Syrian Christians, Iowa Love Story, US Aid to Israel

 CP World Report: Gaddafi Dead, Syrian Christians, Iowa Love Story, US Aid to Israel

Ousted Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi is dead . A military official says Gadhafi was killed by Libyan forces. News of his death came shortly after National Transitional Council forces said they'd gained control of Gadhafi's hometown, Sirte. Here is a look back at his 4-decade long brutal rule, and how it came to an end.. 

A middle-east Church leader is concerned about Christians, should civil war break out in Syria, as protestors oppose the regime of President Bashar Assad. The Syriac Catholic Church’s Patriarch Ignatius Joseph III Younan warned that civil war in Syria would mean religious war; and a war in the name of God is far worse than a political struggle. Syrian Christians make up 10 percent of the nation’s population. Persecution of non-Muslim minority Communities in Syria has been commonplace.

The Canadian House of Commons is headed for some restructuring. New legislation will soon be introduced that would give Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta and Quebec additional seats. There was a previous bill that died with the last parliament that attempted to do the same but there are changes: Alberta gains more than the previous bill while Ontario and B.C. gain less. Quebec stays at two. Prime Minister Stephen Harper explained the new formula for calculating number of seats was based on Statistics Canada population projections. Talk is already circulating on how this might influence the outcome of the 2015 federal elections.

A heartwarming story of true love:
An Iowa couple married 72 years died one hour apart in the hospital while holding hands.
Here’s their story….. 

Ron Paul, the libertarian Republican presidential candidate from Texas, ruffled some feathers in his own party when he suggested that the U.S. should cut foreign military aid to Israel. He said that foreign aid makes Israel dependent on America; and they should be able to deal with their neighbors at their own will. Minnesota Congresswoman, Michelle Bachmann shot back that America must not abandon its greatest ally. Many conservative pundits argue that Israel is a vulnerable nation surrounded by hostile states, and should it fall, U.S. security would be endangered.