CP World Report: Gay Marriage, Vladmir Putin, Spain Financial Problem, Sri Lanka, Uganda

The Church of England and "Roman Catholic bishops of England and Wales" have both formally objected to the government's proposal to allow gay marriages. Despite the strong opposition of some lawmakers in Prime Minister David Cameron's Conservative Party, he is still backing a proposal to permit civil marriages for gay couples. Gay couples are already allowed to have civil PARTNERSHIPS. The churches' responses were released on the day when the traditional marriage group "Coalition for Marriage prepared to deliver a petition with more than half a million signatures opposing the change to Cameron's office.

Tens of thousands of demonstrators rallied against President Vladmir Putin in Moscow.
It's the first major protest against the president since he was sworn in for a third term. Protestors are saying …elections were unfair and deemed fraudulent. Police have been questioning and searching opposition leaders' apartments, carting away computers, cellphones and other personal items. Their actions are seen as a crude attempt by government to scare the protesters.

A rescue, a rally, and relief, at least for the moment in Spain. Europe will bail out the country's struggling banks, providing up to 125-billion-dollars in aid. The terms are still being drawn up. And, the vice president of the European Commisssion --Olli Rehn --suggested that Europe's ongoing financial challenges will require a comprehensive response.

One of the great mysteries in the history of San Francisco : The escape from Alcatraz 50 years ago this week. Three men disappeared and no one knows for sure where they went and if they survived. Relatives of the escapees think it's possible.
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A survey by the American retailers points to an increase in spending on Father's Day this year, but there are still ways to cut down on costs - especially on the gadgets Dad loves.

Evangelicals in Sri Lanka are seeking religious equality. A group of religious liberty organisations --The Religious Liberty Partnership-- has called upon the government to fully recognise the Sri Lankan evangelical community. Sri Lanka is known for its long civil war, while Christians there have suffered violent attacks. They also face legal opposition and restrictions with authorities who refuse to recognise non-traditional churches. The evangelical community is represented by the National Christian Evangelical Alliance of Sri Lanka, a member of the World Evangelical Alliance.

Samaritan's Purse has launched a new health project in Uganda to boost maternal health and raise the life expectancy of children under five . The project is also receiving aid from the "Department for International Development" . Samaritan's Purse won its bid for funding under the "UK Government's Global Poverty Action Fund programme." The million-pound project started in April and will run for three years.

So how is this as a fallout to the Libyan uprisings: devastating swarms of locusts that are threatening to devastate crops there and in neighbouring countries. Locusts have always existed in countries located in Northern and Western Africa, but with the unrest and uprisings, many areas find themselves unable to fully control the swarms. U. N. officials now warn: that large swarms of locusts are now traveling south from Libya and neighboring Algeria. They number from 40 to 80 million individual insects per square mile. The UN has allotted 700-thousand dollars to help combat the problem.